Business or Casual: A Guide to What Watch to Wear When.

Watch Style for Any Occasion
Watch Style for Any Occasion

Watch Style

Let me start by saying that these are not hard and fast rules. You won’t be shunned by society and ostracized because of your watch style. This is meant to show that different watches can augment and the way you can achieve a perfect style.

Let’s start by going through the common types of watches.

Dress Watches.

Normally they are a simple watch that shows the hours, minutes, seconds and maybe a date. Usually a plain white or cream face with no fancy additions. Usually with black leather strap.

Divers Watches

A diver watch usually has a simple face with a movable bezel. This was so that divers can keep track of the amount of air in their tanks. It can have a steel or rubberized strap.

Chrono / Sport Watches

These watches have all the bells and whistles. Some even have GPS capabilities. These are meant to track time, be used as a stopwatch and other functions where accuracy is important.

Driver / Pilot watches

Usually having a larger face so that the wearer can quickly see the time and other information displayed by the watch.

Which with What

Watch style can make or break your outfit
Watch style can make or break your outfit

Formal Dress

Wearing a tuxedo or other formal look demands a dress watch. Simple yet elegant plain face watch with black strap.

Business Attire

A simple watch with very few extras. A dress or diver watch would be fine but always a leather or natural skin strap.

Business Casual

Any watch you choose will be fine here. Thye setting is less formal and you want to appear relaxed. All the main categories of watches fit here.


Like business casual, you can wear any watch with metal or natural strap. metal is more casual so it really is up to you


Wear your sports watch with metal or rubberized strap. make sure your watch is designed for the activity. Dress watches are not suitable for sports activities.

Matching Watch Style

This comes down to simple rules of thumb. Keeping your outfit and watch in harmony the rule is leather to leather and metal to metal.

If your shoes are black and a belt is black then a black leather strap is suggested. A metal strap will go with the black leather in silver. If your shoes are brown then opt for a brown leather or gold metal strap. Earth tones with earth tones.

Your watch style really does depend on your tastes. Certain occasion call for more refined watches and others call for something more robust.

A good watch will last generations and the straps you choose will make or break your outfit. Try having several straps that can be changed on your watch to match your dress.

Bags For Men: A Guide To Leather Bags

Men's Leather Bags
Men’s Leather Bags

The bag you carry is integral to your overall attire. It’s an important part of the impression you make on others and also has to fit in with the image and style you’ve envisioned for yourself. This is why it’s important for every man to carry a bag that is stylish, elegant and conveys a sense of maturity and classiness. In this article, we break down the three major types of bags that are in trend at the moment and have to offer everything from design and functionality to comfort.

The Briefcase

Leather Briefcase
Leather Briefcase

Briefcases have always been a sign of assertiveness, professionalism and masculinity. But if your idea of briefcases is just the 90’s versions you’re used to – stress no more! A new version of briefcases is on the trend. It’s less boxy, it’s slimmer, and it’s sleeker. In short, it is a sexier take on the conventional briefcase. It’s in tune with the latest trends but also happens to be connected to its roots. As for functionality, a briefcase has enough to carry everything from a handful of papers to a laptop. Demure, professional and functional at the same time. A perfect combo! Briefcases are a perfect choice for any working man who wants to adopt a sophisticated attire to the office every day and is looking to serve a sexy, stylish demeanour to the people around.  

Satchel Bag

Leather Postal Bags
Leather Postal Bags

You’ve seen them get carried by models on the ramp. You’ve seen them laying at the most high-end fashion stores. Satchel Bags are a fashion statement that also incorporates functionality that is unrivalled by any other bag type. With the multiple pockets, the intelligent design, and the strategically planned room that satchel bags have to offer – they’re your ideal partner to carry everything from your data cable to your earphones, your iPad or your laptop. Not only are satchel bags extremely practical, but they also look stylish paired with any outfit, and will only serve to elevate whatever attire you’ve adopted for the day. If you want to look trendy and stylish while also keeping all your stuff organized – Satchel bags are the way to go. 

Shoulder Bag

Leather Shoulder Bag
Leather Shoulder Bag

Be it a college student, a high school student or a working man – shoulder bags are the essential casual item you need to be carrying in order to keep all your stuff organized. Shoulder bags are functionality incarnate. They’re not just convenient and light to carry, but also offer abundant room for you to be messy and carry everything as small as a USB to something as large as a laptop. If you’re thinking that shoulder bags only come in tacky schoolboy designs that are not suitable to your personal preference – were about to expand your horizons. Shoulder bags can come in a variety of different styles that are modern, sophisticated and classy. This, paired with the unmatched functionality they have to offer, shoulder bags are the ideal partner you need to have accompany you every day! 

Cashmere Sweaters A Mans Guide

Cashmere Sweaters Guide

Mans Guide to Cashmere Sweaters
Mans Guide to Cashmere Sweaters

Every man should have cashmere sweaters in his closet ready for the world. They are the pinnacle of material and provide much more than just a statement of wealth. Cashmere sweaters are flexible with mood and surroundings that they never look out of place.

What is Cashmere


Cashmere Goats
Cashmere Goats

Cashmere wool is found on the underbelly of the Cashmere goat. Each goat produces two layers of wool and cashmere is found under the outer layer. Originating in Kashmir region, these animals have been flourishing in Scotland for many years.


Cashmere is coveted because it can be up to 8 times warmer than sheep’s wool. It is also softer and more lightweight than traditional wool.

Sweater Types

There are so many variations of a sweater. Some are pullovers. Some have zippers or buttons. The list of style is endless. Below though are the three types that every man should have in there wardrobe.

  • Crew Neck: A crew neck is a pullover sweater with a rounded neck. A popular sweater style, it can be worn with a collared shirt underneath or on its own.
  • V-Neck: The v-neck is cut into a v-shape. Due to the cut, this sweater is best worn with a collared shirt and a tie. It can be worn for the office or casual situation. It is a must for any man’s wardrobe.
  • Turtleneck: A turtleneck has a tall neck. It can be rolled or a shorter neckline called a mock. These can be worn with a jacket and jeans, casual trousers or dress slacks. Turtleneck sweaters are versatile.

Caring for Cashmere Sweaters

Caring for Cashmere sweaters should not be scary. Cashmere will last for years if cared for properly. Never put a cashmere sweater into any type of machine. cashmere needs to be hand washed with a low alkaline soap and dried flat. Don’t pull or stretch the sweater as you wash it and when taking the excess water from the garment, take care to squeeze gently.


Headphones A Guide to Buying

Choosing the Right Headphones

The Right Headphones
The Right Headphones

Nothing gives a music lover more freedom than having a good set of headphones. These allow the user to connect to emotions and feelings without upsetting the outside world. What makes a good headphone is the features you look for when making your decision.

Headphones are different from earbuds as they encompass the ear completely. They are made to be worn outside of the ear but before you have images of 70’s style “cans”, let’s look at how far these have come in the past few years.

Open or Closed

Headphones come in really in two styles. Open and closed. each has a benefit and a negative. It really is what you are looking for that makes the final choice.

Open headphones are open at the back. This allows a more natural sound with music and allows the wearer to still interact with people around them. If someone calls your name you can hear that person but remember that they can also hear what you are listening to as well.

Closed headphones are sealed at the back. These create your own listening studio where outside noises can get in. Some wearers feel that this “sanitizes” the sound. You won’t be able to hear outside noises such as someone trying to get your attention and, as we have all experienced, you are likely to yell any response simply because of the way your ear works with your voice.

Your Use

What you are going to use your headphone for is a major factor in deciding which model to go for. if you are looking for something only during commuting then a good pair will do. if it is while you work out then you need to take a close look at the materials the headphones are made with.

Leather earpads and strap are the preferred material for a good set of headphones. It’s not because it is finer quality than other materials but it helps with the sound believe it or not. These are great for the office or long flights but for exercise, they can get a bit warm as they tend to really seal against the skin. Leather tends to accentuate the bass more.

Fabric and other material are best for working out. It allows for breathing around the ear so you don’t feel as warm. Especially on the top band.

Sound Without Distraction
Sound Without Distraction


Today the features of a good pair of headphones are to connect you with the outside world. Bluetooth and wifi allow you to connect wirelessly to your mobile or tablet. Most modern headphones also connect to your phone and have a mic for your conversations.

Battery time is important and the charging method. Most sets will have a standby time of 200-300 hours with use time of between 6-10 hours. Charging is by USB so no need for dedicated charging units. This makes it easy for when you are about the town.

Sound Quality

Sound quality really does depend on two factors. The first is cost. Higher end headphones tend to have more development done on research. The work done on acoustics for the headphones brings all the basics of material, frequency and volume together for the best possible sound.

The second is a personal choice. if you are primarily using your headphones for audio books or light jazz you will look for a different sound than someone who listens to heavy metal. Your personal preference should always be the first consideration when buying a good set of headphones.


Swiss Watch Movements: A Guide

Swiss Watch Movements

ETA 7750 Automatic Swiss Watch Movements
ETA 7750 Automatic Swiss Watch Movements

A watch movement is the engine that makes it run. Seems a simple statement but there are different types and grades of Swiss watch movements that go into a good watch.

There are 3 types of watch movements that go into a good watch. Each has its own characteristics and functions and make each watch unique. The choice of movement depends on the wearer and what they want from a Swiss made watch.


Movement Types

Movements come in two main types. Mechanical and Quartz. Each has its own characteristics and is designed to meet exacting standards. Automatic and manual watch movements fall under the mechanical type and quartz movements fall under the quartz type.

Automatic Swiss Watch Movement
Automatic Swiss Watch Movement

Automatic Watch Movements

Automatic watch movements are self-winding, self-perpetuating movements that work by movement of the wearer. A half circle-shaped metal weight attached to the movement that can move in 360 degrees as the wearer moves. The rotor is attached by a group of gears to the mainspring and as it rotates, it winds the mainspring, giving the watch power. once fully wound, the rotor will disengage from the mainspring.

Manual Watch Movements

Manual watch movements are just that. They need to be wound every day. These movements attach the stem to the mainspring and store the energy in the wound watch. As you wind the watch, tension will start to build but if you go past where the spring is wound, damage could occur

Quartz Watch Movements

Quartz movements use a battery to power the watch rather than winding. An electrical pulse s sent to a quartz crystal which vibrates at 32,768 per second. the rotor moves one second forward each time this is achieved. It makes quartz watches highly accurate.


Jewels in a watch movement are mainly rubies. The purpose is to reduce friction on the moving parts of a watch. Just like cartilage in bones, jewels keep wear down and the watch movement functioning well. Rubies are used because they are hard and long lasting in a Swiss watch movement.



Guide To Swiss Made Watches

Swiss Made Watches


Swiss Made Watches from Marc Marcielo
Swiss Made Watches

It is without a doubt that the best watches in the world are Swiss made watches. The history of Swiss watches goes back hundreds of years and has become a symbol of the very best. but what is a Swiss made watch and what does it mean when you see the Swiss made logo?


For a watch to be considered a Swiss made watch it must have been produced following strict standards set out by the government of Switzerland itself. These rules are designed to ensure the quality you receive when you buy a watch that is marked Swiss Made.

The watch to be deemed a Swiss made watch has to have at least 60% of the manufacturing of parts made in Switzerland. This includes the case, movement and glass. The final inspection of the watch must be done in Switzerland.

The Movement

The movement of the watch is what gives  Swiss made watches value. The movements are done to exacting standards and are governed by a strict set of rules.

A watch movement is considered Swiss if:

  • the movement has been assembled in Switzerland and,
  • the movement has been inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland and;
  • the components of Swiss manufacture account for at least 60 percent of the total value, without taking into account the cost of assembly.
Swiss Made Watch Movement
Swiss Made Watch Movement

If the movement is for watches to be made outside of Switzerland then the watch can be marked with “Swiss Mov’t” but that only pertains to the movement and not the quality of the watch itself.

The Assembly of Swiss Made Watches

Swiss made watches are assembled in Switzerland and given their final inspection. To really be a watch that has a lasting legacy, the assembly is done by hand and inspected at each stage. Although many watches are produced it is far from mass production. Each craftsman takes his time on each piece ensuring the quality.

The inspection process varies but for the most part, Swiss made watches are examined and tested beyond other manufactured. A 10 year or lifetime guarantee on Swiss made watches is not uncommon.

The Legacy of Swiss Made Watches

A good watch is something that can be passed on from generation to generation. It is not something that once you are done with you simply throw it away. A good Swiss made watch will last the owner for many years. This is why it is sought after by those who know the value.

The value in the watch itself remains a constant. Well made watches from 100 years ago have the value that watches made today will have in years to come. Swiss made watches are a legacy to the owner.

Shaving Brushes – What Makes The Best Shaving Brush

Shaving brushes have been used for hundreds of years. Their shape might not have changed but the materials used certainly has. What your shaving brush is made of counts towards the shave you get.

Shaving Brush Hair Types


Badger’s hair is the most popular natural hair for a shaving brush. The hair of a badger retains water and creates a good lather for your shave. A good badger brush will last for years and be reliable to you every day.

Pure Badger

Pure badger is badger hair brushes that use the most common hair from the underbelly of a badger, the hair which covers around 60% of a badger’s body. This hair varies greatly in softness, pliability and colour. Pure badger hair is usually dark in colour but fluctuates from a light tan to a near-black or silvery sheen. The hair is coarser than ‘best’ or ‘silvertip’ hair due to its larger shaft. Brushes made exclusively with pure badger hair cost significantly less than finer badger hair. Most often, pure badger brush hairs are trimmed to shape, resulting in somewhat stiff, rough ends.

Best Badger

Best badger are brushes made with the finer and more pliable hairs from 20 – 25% of the badger’s body. It is longer in length and lighter in colour than ‘pure’ badger hair. A ‘best’ badger brush is more densely filled with hair than the ‘pure’ badger brush and will produce a correspondingly greater lather. However, some wet shavers argue that the variance between the quality of a ‘pure’ and a ‘best’ badger brush is negligible. Best badger and better quality brush hairs are often fit so that the ends do not have to be cut to shape.

Super Badger

A super badger brush is more expensive than either ‘best’ or ‘pure’. While some call this hair ‘silvertip’, it is often highly graded ‘pure’ hair bleached on the ends to resemble silvertip.

Though it is composed of ‘pure’ badger hairs, ‘super’ is graded and sorted to such a degree that its performance is superior to that of ‘best’. The brush is not prickly.

One way to determine if a brush bears a ‘super’ or ‘silvertip’ badger hair load is to look at the colour of the bristle tips. A true ‘silvertip’ brush has tips that are an off-white. A ‘super’ brush, on the other hand, has bristle tips that are a more sterile, slightly greyed white; moreover, the light colour of the tips does not extend as far down the shaft of the hair.

Silvertip Badger

Silvertip badger is the most expensive and rare type of badger hair. The tips on this hair appear white naturally, without bleaching. A “flared” bristle load results in the ‘silvertip’ brush’s fluffy appearance and lend the brush its ability to hold a large amount of water. Due to its water retention capacity, a ‘silvertip’ brush can create well-formed shaving lather quickly and easily.