At SalesGrape, we specialize in conducting comprehensive surveys through targeted phone calls, specifically tailored for businesses operating in the UK. With our B2B survey calling, we excel at reaching out to potential respondents within various industries and extracting meaningful information that can shape your marketing strategies

Why should you choose our B2B survey calling service? Firstly, by outsourcing this task to us, you save time and effort. Conducting surveys yourself may divert resources from core business activities. Leave it up to our skilled team who are trained in effective questioning techniques and have extensive experience in collecting accurate data over the phone

Moreover, partnering with us ensures impartiality and objectivity during the survey process. Being an external party eliminates any biases or preconceived notions that might arise when employees conduct internal surveys. Our callers maintain professionalism throughout each call ensuring reliable results free from any internal influences

With years of expertise in conducting outbound B2B surveys, we understand how crucial it is to reach decision-makers directly. We have a well-maintained database of contacts across various industries enabling us to connect with key personnel efficiently – saving both time and money on unnecessary cold-calling attempts

Our approach involves thorough preparation before every call; we familiarize ourselves with your company’s offerings so that we can engage prospects intelligently while representing your brand effectively. This attention-to-detail guarantees a positive customer experience during each interaction which reflects positively on your brand image

Furthermore, prompt follow-ups are essential for gathering comprehensive data from busy professionals who often have limited availability for lengthy conversations during initial contact. Our diligent team excels at scheduling callbacks and ensuring that no potential respondent is left behind. We understand the importance of persistent yet respectful efforts to maximize response rates

Lastly, data security is a top priority for us. We strictly adhere to GDPR guidelines, guaranteeing that all collected information is handled with utmost care and confidentiality – providing peace of mind to both you and the respondents involved in our surveys

In conclusion, if you are seeking accurate insights into your B2B market, let our outbound B2B survey calling service be your trusted partner. With our skilled team conducting targeted phone calls, we assure you access to valuable data that can steer your business towards success. Save time, increase objectivity, reach decision-makers directly, and benefit from prompt follow-ups while maintaining data security throughout the process. Contact SalesGrape today and unlock untapped potential within your target market!

Always Available

You are assigned a team lead who manages your campaign on a daily basis. They are available to you anytime to speak about your program.

Regular Meetings

We will schedule regular meeting for updates and campaign feedback. You and your team will be encouraged to participate in building the campaign at every step

Data Sent

We will send data to you on a scheduled basis defined within the campaign. These could be leads sent to your team as well as calling stats and anecdotal information

Appointment Setting
Build Your sales funnel by pre-arranging sales meeting for your team.
Business Development
Build on your success by expanding your target market. Find new opportunities every day
In-Bound Services
Having the right people being able to provide information & support to your clients makes thedifference in how you are seen in the marketplace.
Digital Marketing
Through PPC and SEO, we can increase your online presence to augment your marketing activities. Social media posts and user engagement are what we do best.